This website presents the Displacement and Cross ventilation models that have recently become available in EnergyPlus. The information shown below complements the documentation that is provided with every EnergyPlus installation in two ways:

We propose to analyze the impact of different ventilation strategies (displacement, mixing, and cross ventilation), driving mechanisms (buoyancy, wind and mechanical) and cooling source (with or without mechanical cooling).

The EnergyPlus input files used in the different steps of the virtual design case analysis are available for download (wherever you see IDF labelled links) and can be used to try other cooling solutions or simply to repeat the analysis as an exercise. The analysis is done for three California climates (San Diego, Los Angeles inland, and San Francisco).

Please see the sections on displacement and cross ventilation to learn more about these two ventilation strategies or proceed directly to the virtual design case. It you have questions please see the help section below for a brief overview of all the sections on this site.